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Learning, Loving, and Frugal Living

You may remember back in January I deemed this to be “The Year of Fiscal Responsibility”. You may also have noted that in the 9 months which have now passed since that post, I have yet to add a single money-saving tip to this blog. I don’t want you to think I’ve abandoned the theme…I can assure you I didn’t…I just somehow ran out of time to share the wealth! And by that I mean the money-saving tips. I may have lived frugally but I’m not that good 🙂

I just looked back at that post from January and chuckled to myself. Literally. (I startled myself actually when my laughter broke the silence of my apartment.) I laughed when I read the now seemingly-prophetic final line of my original post: What if 2015 is the year that changes everything?.  I’d say 2015 has been that kind of year for me. When I wrote that post, I had no idea that I’d be getting engaged in less than 8 weeks…and I certainly didn’t know how fitting the Year of Fiscal Responsibility would become when attempting to save for a wedding. (I promise the gluten-free wedding planning tips are coming too…it’s just one delinquent post at a time these days 🙂

If I had only known…

Now looking back at my original tips, they have served me well this year. In fact just today I was pointing out to my college roommate (who recently moved to Baltimore!! Yay!!) that those cans from the infamous ShopRite Can Can Sale have carried me through until just this weekend when I had to buy the first can of beans I’ve purchased in 9 months. Thank you, ShopRite. I can assure you I’ll be there in January for a repeat performance. Second, my budget spreadsheet is alive and well…and goodness knows the physicist and I have several others now. (Seriously, those of you who planned weddings in the days before Google Drive and Excel spreadsheets: I tip my hat to you. You’re amazing.) Generic products too are still a staple of my frugal existence. So, first, I’d say yes: keep up with those same tips I gave you in January. Now onto a few more:

1) Find a BJ’s. Or Costco. Now, if you have a family where someone is gluten-free, the annual fee for this membership will easily be worth it. If you’re a single 20-something like myself cooking for 1, well, the typical fee is not. Have no fear. There are other options. You could take my approach, which is scour LivingSocial and Groupon deals until one appears. If you’re patient, I can almost guarantee that it will. I paid $25 for mine last year AND that included a $10 gift card…so in essence I paid $15 for a year membership. I’ve already earned that back just in the gas savings, let alone food! If you don’t want to wait around for a digital deal, pick up the local paper. There is almost always an ad for a 60-day membership. You can easily go and stock up then on some select gluten-free items and call it a day. I stockpiled my freezer with frozen salmon fillets, Bubba burgers, and enough chicken to keep me fed until Thanksgiving. Now each week, I grocery shop for a meal to make on Sunday which lasts until mid-week when I dig into one of my freezer options. It has been amazing…and amazingly cost-effective.

My latest stockpile from BJ’s

 Now this leads me into my next suggestion:

2) Meal Plan. If you’ve never been a teacher and always kind of wondered what it was like to structure your week in neat little boxes, this is your chance. If you are a teacher, this is a welcome break because meal planning seems like nothing compared to those learning objectives, enduring understandings, and essential questions you’ve been filling into the newest curriculum map. Mine is as simple as a dry-erase board. Each weekend, look in your cabinets FIRST. Take note of what you already have that can be turned into a meal. Then make a plan for the week BEFORE you shop. Otherwise, you convince yourself that you need everything you see in the store that is safe for you to eat. 

It’s not rocket science. You just need a rough plan!

3) Clip coupons!: As anyone who has lived with me can attest, I LOVE Sunday mornings. There are few things I love more than the Sunday newspaper and clipping coupons. (I know, you thought I was going to say church, right?? Well, I do love that too…but sometimes that’s Sunday night. No competition there.) I don’t know why people have given up on this money-saving past-time. It actually makes me sad when I see someone checking out at the grocery store who has an item that I know there is a coupon for. I want to run over and stop them…but I also don’t want to be forever banned from the store so I’ve resisted the urge thus far.

It’s Sunday so here are my coupons! And yes, they are all from today.
The first weekend newspaper of the month always has the best coupons!

4) Go digital with coupons!!: If you’re anything like me, making the switch to a smartphone was not an easy decision. The poor Verizon man just stood there while I debated the merits of the gluten-free apps/access to ingredient lists wherever I was with the substantially higher monthly price tag. In the end, the smartphone won out and I can honestly say it is a decision I haven’t regretted for a moment. The “Find Me Gluten Free” app coupled with my ability to pull up gluten-free menus and ingredient lists on the spot in restaurants and grocery stores has made it well worth the investment. Then recently, my sister introduced me to an app which has taken my gratitude for my smartphone to a whole new level: Ibotta. It’s the most amazing digital coupon app which has taken my level of couponing to a whole new level. Basically you go through and select certain rebates you’d like to have, you watch a quick video or take a survey or read a fact, and they give you a coupon! Then when you get home from the store, you simply select which items you purchased, scan the SKU, take a picture of your receipt and within 24 hours you get the money in your Ibotta account…which can later be redeemed for CASH sent straight to your account. I’ve already saved over $20 with my account. The best part is you can even pull it up after you’ve gone shopping to see if there’s anything you just bought that falls on the rebate list. You have up to 7 days after shopping to redeem. The best part is there are challenges to earn bonuses AND we can form a team and help each other save. Do yourself (and me!) a favor: click here and join. You won’t be sorry!

It’s so true. Shop smarter with your smartphone.

5) Go back to the basics: In other words, channel my Grandpa. Well, really both of my grandfathers are master savers. I still remember the giant empty water jug (you know the ones that you put upside down into a water cooler) which my Grandpa filled with loose change. I remember at 6 or 7 being amazed by how much change could fit inside one little jar. Every night when he came home, the empty change from his pockets went into the jug. I started my own version this summer. Though it’s not quite as large as his, I have already filled and emptied it once. Now I’m onto round 2 of filling up this little guy. You really would be surprised how much change you end up with in a week’s time. Every little bit counts!

All right, before I overwhelm you with too many ideas at once, I’ll stop there. Make it your goal to work these into your October lifestyle and then perhaps in November, there will be more tips coming your way! (Again I’ve learned to make no promises in that regard.) I will just leave you with a fantastic idea for a frugal fall meal: chili. I just made a crockpot full tonight and I was so excited I forgot to take a picture of all the steps. All I have is the final product. There are SO many chili recipes but here is the link to the one I used tonight: My “made it through September” teacher brain was too tired to come up with an original recipe this time 🙂

Sunday night deliciousness.

Now it’s time for this tired teacher to head to bed. Tomorrow begins another week of learning, loving, and frugal living 🙂

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