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Love Shout-Out #4: Glory Days Grill

Upon glancing at the calendar this week, I realized that 2014 is now more than half over. I also realized I’ve written an unacceptably small number of love shout-outs; hence, I made a list of topics I need to address before the year is through. (Of course, I’m also optimistic enough to believe there will be additional items added to the list before the 2014 calendar is removed from its place of honor in my kitchen on December 31st) And here is the next item on the list: Glory Days Grill.

Now to be completely honest, my love affair with Glory Days dates back to before my food allergy days when I could blindly consume any item on the menu; due to that fact, I can also personally attest that every dish is beyond scrumptious! Furthermore, the delicious dishes and wide array of choices were just the beginning. The true reason I fell in love with this little sports bar/grill is because of the people who populated my time there in the early days. As you may remember, I moved to Baltimore 4 years ago after my time in ACE DC came to an end. You may also remember that I knew only one person in the Baltimore metropolitan area when I arrived. So one week into my tenure at my brand new school, I received a message from the Saint in a Bow Tie that there would be a group of other new teachers from his school gathering at a place called Glory Days to celebrate the fact that we all survived our first week as part of our new school communities- not always an easy task I can assure you.

The early days: I can’t believe how young we look!

Little did we know that day was the start of something truly beautiful. Every Friday afternoon for an entire year, our little crew gathered to share laughter, smiles, hugs, the occasional rant, life advice, etc. And of course our group evolved as other colleagues, spouses, friends, and roommates were added to the mix.

It’s now 4 years later and though our group rarely gathers at those same high-top tables anymore, it is still those same individuals (and the other amazing people I’ve met because of them) who have become my Baltimore family. There have been new jobs, new spouses, new babies (and of course new food restrictions!) and some haved moved on to new adventures away from Baltimore as the years have passed; but I can say without hesitation that I am forever grateful for the fellowship and friendships formed over those delicious Glory Days burgers.

Making days glorious since 2010 🙂

Now the sentimental attachment I’ve formed with this place is just the beginning. If you have food restrictions and live in the Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia or Florida area: do yourself a favor and find your nearest Glory Days. And because I believe in efficiency, I’ll provide you with an enumerated of reasons.

  1. They have a gluten-free menu. And it’s an extensive one at that! Burgers, wings, salads, even desserts(!!): so much to choose from! AND they just recently added certified gluten-free buns to their burgers. I can’t say I’ve tried one because of the soy and corn issues, but a lettuce wrap is a delicious alternative too!
    That’s right: I’m such a frequent guest, they gave me my own gluten-free menu to keep!!
    It now hangs proudly in my kitchen for quick reference.
  2. They have a dedicated fryer!! Yes, that means french fries are back!! As you may know, french fries themselves are gluten-free; however, there are very few places where I (and my gluten-free friends) can actually order fries because they’re usually cooked in the same oil as the chicken tenders, fried shrimp, etc. so it’s off the table.
  3. Burger Monday! I am not exaggerating when I say these are the best burgers I’ve ever had. And every Monday you can get any burger for $5.99! (Though if you want a specialty burger, it’s $7.99) I know that may sound like a lot…but keep in mind that include fries and a pickle. I can guarantee Five Guys will cost you more than that (though don’t get me wrong, I LOVE them too!!)
  4. Taco Tuesday! Now the regular tacos are not on the gluten-free menu, but it’s a good way to entice your gluten-eating friends to join you on a Tuesday. Plus, they have fish tacos during certain months and they were gracious enough to serve them to me on a Tuesday wrapped in lettuce and it was totally safe for me! Tacos are also $5.99 all day every Tuesday.
  5. My personal favorite: Wing Wednesday!! Bone-in wings are 80 cents each and boneless wings are 60 (though bone-in are the only option for gluten-free friends!) I highly recommend the Old Bay Wings. They’re good enough to warrant a visit to Baltimore. Plus you get to see me too of course 🙂
  6. Happy Hour! It runs every day from 4-7 PM. Each location has different specials but take it from me, they’re great. AND they now have Angry Orchard on tap!! (Though you will have to check at your location to make sure it’s on a new line, not a tap that used to have glutenous beer coursing through it) I finally get to enjoy cider from a glass at a discounted price. Dreams do come true.
  7. Curbside-to-Go! Yep, even when I don’t have a friend to join me for an evening at Glory Days, I can enjoy it in the comfort of my own home with just a quick call ahead. Life-altering to say the least…
Last but not least, this is a timely post in the sense that this Tuesday is NATIONAL CHICKEN WING DAY!!! I know, I know, it seems everything has a national day these days. However, regardless of whether this is a real thing or simply a keen invention of the Glory Days marketing department, it means this Tuesday is $5 Chicken Wing Day! $5 for an order of 6 bone-in or 8 boneless wings: all. day. long.

3 more days!!
That ends my rambling review of Glory Days Grill. For those of you fortunate enough to live in close proximity to one, please make time for a visit. You won’t regret it. And those of you who aren’t so lucky, I’m sure there are other great you-safe restaurants near you too. But if you make your way to the Baltimore area, let me know. I now live within walking distance from the Towson location…so I’ll meet you there anytime 🙂

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